• 04 Jun 2016

    Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain (May 22nd, 2016) —  Global Chamber® launched from Port of Spain, Trinidad on Wednesday 25th May at 6:00pm at The United States Embassy’s Public Affairs conference room, Sweet Briar Place, St. Clair with local government officials, Country Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls,  and regional and global leaders present. The launch of Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago, is one of what will be 500 metro chambers around the world by 2020. 

    Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago provides business services and connections to organizations who are currently, or are considering doing business across borders - either state, industry or country.  We help lower the risk associated with cross-border business by providing our members trusted resources, connections and a platform to connect and engage with business leaders from around the globe.

    "Those of us who love global business have a special connection", said Doug Bruhnke, Founder and CEO of Global Chamber, "and that connection keeps us tied together even as we're doing business far afield. However, we've all felt that pang of loneliness along the way, with comparable frustrations in a mix of cross cultural challenges, jet lag and cross-border difficulties. We have a lot to give each other when we find ways to stay connected, as we plan to facilitate via the Global Chamber."

    Visit us at for more information about what’s happening here and around the world.  This platform offers our members trusted connections, global resources and virtual communities designed to bridge the gap between local and global business leaders.

    Be sure to follow Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago and Global Chamber on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well.  Each of these outlets provides information on upcoming events, new metro chapters launching and trusted resources. Join the global tribe! Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

    Visit Global Chamber for a complete list of active metros and our first 80 metro areas.

  • 21 Dec 2017 by Global Chamber

    Global Chamber Port of Spain is helping members reach out to connect more effectively across the Caribbean, Latin America and the world.

    Let's make 2018 a more fun, engaging and successful year! One way to do that is through something we do every day.

    Warm connecting' is a focused, effective way of 'networking' advocated and practiced by Global Chamber®.

    We encourage companies in Trinidad-Tobago to get connected through our warm connections... to opportunities worldwide.

    There are many ways to network. For many of our members, 'warm connecting' is the best because there is some thought about your business goals before making a warm introduction - and the person who is introduced is known and will very likely be interested to meet you. People are too busy these days to take meetings with people they don't know UNLESS the intro is from someone they know AND there appears to be something in it for them, as well.

    Read more about 12 tips on warm connecting HERE. And join us to grow your business in warm and wonderful ways.

    Read more about our members HERE.

    Our team knows the region AND the world... reach out and find out more how we can help you and your company grow more effectively.

  • 31 Mar 2017 by Global Chamber

    Global Chamber® helps members grow their business across metros and borders.

    Member Mr. Rushford Khan of RK Air Conditioning Limited explains his recent success with Global Chamber®:

    "In developing a website for my business to venture into online sales of my company products I was trying to register a domain via phone and internet in Panama. These effort proved to be futile. I reached out to Global Chamber® and within one week of introduction to a [Representative] in Panama, my domain has been registered locally and my website will be up and running by 6th April," --- Rushford Khan, CEO.

    If you haven't joined yet, let us help you grow your business regionally, and globally.

    Please contact our team in Port of Spain and across the Caribbean.

  • 28 Feb 2017 by Global Chamber

    Yes, World, the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival celebrations are here again. The much-anticipated time of the year where the Spirit of a Human can be free to be expressive in any form or fashion.

    The Trinidad & Tobago culture of fun, sun and rum is heightened on two days this year being the 27th and 28th February 2017 where the music, masqueraders and steelpan transforms the streets into one of a non-stop party. The expressions of freedom are well noted in the dances of persons on the streets as they partake in the different masquerade bands, which are all colorful and inviting.

    The Music…, the music…., the music it draws you to move your feet, your hands in the air waving or your waist turning. Yes, you always feel like you will be ‘Jammin Still’ (LISTEN HERE) not the ‘peanut butter and Jam’ or the ‘traffic Jam’ but one where you will be dancing as you so please with no one considering your style and manner of dance.

    Our visitors which are estimated to 45,000 and more from different countries all come to take part in the street festivities fetes and cooler parties where you can bring to a fete your choice of drink in coolers and still have the fun of entertainment and food.

    Wow indeed the festivities of the Trinidad & Tobago carnival is one where once you have the opportunity of the experience you feel like ‘Not Going Home’ (LISTEN HERE). The warmth of the Caribbean islands and its people is felt through the season as we welcome everyone to experience the fun, the sun and the rum.

    The masqueraders’ costumes are designed and made to entice and coerce you to join the streets in the revelry and fun. This time of year, the streets are covered with colorful beads, cloth and feathers and most persons want to ‘Beat It’ (LISTEN HERE) to harness the most from their experience.  

    We enjoy our Carnival and the essence of freedom it depicts. Hope to see you here one year and then probably many years after, saying “Leave me alone, I ain’t going home” as you will be claiming “We Jammin Still”.

  • 29 Jan 2017 by Global Chamber

    Dear Valued Member,

    We at the Global Chamber Trinidad & Tobago do wish you a successful year 2017.

    The year 2016 saw the establishment of the Global Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago through the expertise and foresight of Dr. Ty Richardson who understood the present economic landscape and championed the opportunities of Global Chamber to organizations that saw the need to look beyond the limitations of Trinidad & Tobago so as to ensure sustainability and growth.

    Being a part of the #globaltribe allows your organization to exist in an international synergy of knowledge and expertise. The proper application of information, relationships and collaboration from the Global Chamber portal can lend to the effectual success of your organization mandate for international growth.

    We invite you to stay tuned through our newsletters, website and blogs. Our team which exists of an international network is here to provide you with the resources of communication through the creating of one to one relationship with yourself and other organizations. We can assist with auxiliary services which will prepare you to take full advantage of a global network.

    Understanding Trinidad & Tobago’s present economic scenario which is contracting will lead to contracting of consumer spend and a very competitive environment for businesses. Consideration of applying changes to your organization’s operations is mandated. Either becoming leaner, find new markets or both can be adopted to ensure sustainability.

    Global Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago and the opportunities of the #globaltribe will partner with you to assist in your organization in achieving the mandates that you have identified for its success.

    Our local team which comprises of Cherry-Ann Craigwell, Deputy Director; Marina Ho Sam – Business Coordinator; Sales Team and a qualified board will ensure the commitments identified by the Global Chamber, international be made available to you and your organization.

    We do extend our best wishes for the year 2017.

    Please contact us at to learn how Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago can assist you with your business goals.


    Cherry-Ann Craigwell

    Acting Deputy Director, Trinidad and Tobago

  • 08 Feb 2017 by Global Chamber

    The Formation of a Contract

    We enter into contracts in our everyday interactions; from us hailing a taxi or simply purchasing an item from a store, is the operation of contract law. While we might overlook these things at times, it is important that when it comes to business we pay much more attention to the contracts we enter as they have significant legal implications. A contract is a legal document which is legally binding on the parties involved. Over the next couple of week, the various aspect of contract law will be explored from the importance of having a contract, the clauses which ought to be included, their meaning, the legal consequences of breach of contract and the remedies available to the affected party. But most importantly having a contract drafted, ideally by a lawyer or someone with experience in drafting contracts is one of the most vital components of any business transaction especially when a lot is at stake. The money it will cost to draft a contract is small when compared to the costs that will be incurred if the defaulting party does not honour his/her part of the deal. It is betting to be penny smart than pound foolish! Let’s explore the basic requirements of any contract, in other words, for us to know a contract exists these key components must be present:

    Who are the parties to the contract?

    This might seem obvious but sometimes the parties to a contract may not be correctly stated. So it is important to request the proper or legal name of the individual or entity that is entering the contract. For example you might know someone to be called “John Smith” but you ought not to assume that is his full name because you might be surprised to know that his actual name is “Johnathan Smith”. Best practice will be for the person to produce some form of identification so you can correctly obtain their name and of course the spelling of it likewise. Similarly, if it is a legal entity like a company, be sure to request a copy of their incorporation document to see whether the name they use is in fact the registered name and not just a shortened version which is sometimes done. Again, “Happy Foods” might actually be registered as “Happy Foods Limited” or “Happy Foods Group”. In the case of a stole trader it should be stated as “James Thomas trading as James Plumbing”. It’s worth being thorough and ensuring that all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted!

    Meeting of the Minds

    Sounds deep and philosophical but this right here is the reason why disputes arise and parties to a contract might find themselves in breach. The terms of a contract must actually be reflective of the intentions of the parties. But simply put, what each party is obligated to do must be stated clearly. If party A is agreeing to do one thing but party B believes that party A is doing something else, then really there was no true agreement as to what each party was expected to perform. It all boils down to communication and there ought to be no miscommunication when it comes to each party understanding what is expected as it relates to the subject matter of the contract. So out of an abundance of caution, both parties should verbally reiterate what it is they believe they are contractually binding themselves to do.

    Valuable Consideration

    It’s all well and good to have a well drafted contract and the parties are in agreement with the terms however, a very important component of a valid contract is having valuable consideration. So in other words…..where’s the money at? While money is not necessarily a requirement, consideration means that something must be given in exchange or what is being received. Seems fair enough and this too must be stated in the contract; what is the consideration or payment for the task that is being undertaken.

    What are we agreeing to?

    The actual subject matter or task being undertaken must to properly described. It is important that upon reading the contract what is expected is clearly stated so that no ambiguity exists. Simple none legal language ought to be used to ensure that both parties understand the ambits of their obligations. If the contract is not clearly drafted then this can lead to as mentioned before one party being uncertain as to the task they are contracted to perform.

    Tammy Cato LLB, LPC, Bsc. Econ

    Attorney -at- Law & Global Chamber Brand Ambassador

    For more information about the above subject matter email us at

  • 14 Apr 2016 by Global Chamber

    Hi, I’m Dr. Ty Richardson, Executive Director of Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago.  Our team is excited to announce that Global Chamber has landed in Port of Spain. We have already started connecting member companies to businesses and organizations around the world, bringing new opportunities to them and the metro area.

    Global Chamber is the only organization in the world that helps companies grow beyond all borders - from every metro area into all other metro areas, collaborating with regional organizations around the globe to build new opportunities for them and their community.

    Contact me directly to learn more about how you can grow your business from and to Port of Spain through global connections and our other services.

    Looking forward to working with you to grow globally!


    Dr. Ty Richardson, Executive Director

  • 25 Sep 2016 by Global Chamber

    The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the most southerly island of the Caribbean Archipelago invites you to experience our rich cultural heritage that is rooted in the convergence and commingling of various peoples. Our Carnival draws its roots from the diversity of traditions that is recognised in our heritage. Our Music, Visual Arts and Culinary, mesh to create a very unique experience at the celebration of, The Greatest Show on Earth, Carnival.

    Culture in Trinidad & Tobago is truly a Global One where through the embodiment of historical traditional influences has created a crucible of diversity of cultural celebrations that are now exported through our distinguished Music, Visual and Culinary Arts to many countries.

    The nation is also one on the cusp of significant growth with opportunities in the areas highlighted. As we have influenced the world stage through our music Soca as in the following presentation ‘Soca in Japan’ – and our National Instrument the Steel Pan as featured in the song ‘Close – Nick Jonas’ – ‘Who let the dogs out’ – Anslem Douglas has been included in many shows and is now part of a popular game show Just Dance Kids – .

    The Visual Arts are extra ordinary, displayed in the streets during the Carnival celebrations and have been highlighted on the International Stage at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Opening ceremony – Through our natural national persona of maintaining safe enjoyment and attracting many visitors, we have influenced many Carnivals globally which creates many business opportunities in the industry -Notting Hill Carnival 2016 –  

    We are considered to be the Industrial Capital of the Caribbean and our geographical location ideally creates the opportunity of being a trans-shipment hub.

    Trinidad & Tobago, a crucible of resources of business creativity and industry.

    Learn more here for the opportunity in February, 2017... contact Ty Richardson of Global Chamber Trinidad & Tobago HERE.

    The deadline for this opportunity is October 15th.

  • 06 Oct 2016 by Global Chamber
    Trinidad & Tobago a nation of natural resources and a people of positive energy extends an invitation to experience and harness opportunities in creativity, music and the arts that exhumes from our Carnival celebrations.
    The celebrations has developed an industry where it attracts net average revenue of USD$100 million per annum ( tourism/carnival-when- culture-attracts- tourism). The sustainability of this event continues to be sure as there is a marked increase of visitors to Trinidad & Tobago to experience the most colourful show on earth. Within the industry sector the many components of creativity at this time is enhanced and highlighted. As indicated by the Forbes magazine, article written by Baz Dreisinger ( carnival-power- list-ten- local-entrepreneurs-behind- the-caribbeans- biggest-bacchanal/#1c15eebb52d8), where she has identified the significant impact of the creativity of pioneers and artists during the celebration.
    Carnival celebrations duration approximates a period of two months which is climaxed by the street parade on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. This period creates the energised entertainment frenzy with the release of new music ‘soca’, ( carnival parade bands preparations and promotions, steelband or pan yard limes and a number of parties called ‘fetes’.
    A ‘Fete’ an elaborate party or festival usually held outdoors comprises of live entertainment by local artists and DJ’s with their new releases for the current year sometimes with new suggested dances ( complimented by foods from our mixed culinary heritage and drinks, lots of drinks. The week before Carnival Monday & Tuesday has seen where fetes are carded every day and night of that week.
    The Trinidad & Tobago Government has many initiatives ( and policies as our Freezone Act and Eteck Park that encourages and support investment interest not only in the Arts of Culture of Trinidad & Tobago but across all other industries. As in the words of one of our famed artist, come, experience Trinidad &Tobago not only as a patron but ‘Like a boss’ ( of a profitable invested
    Learn more here for the opportunity in February, 2017... contact Ty Richardson of Global Chamber Trinidad & Tobago at
    The deadline for this opportunity is October 30th.
  • 07 Sep 2016

    With Carnival being a billion-dollar industry worldwide, Global Chamber saw an opportunity to invite members and Executive Directors worldwide, to enjoy the "Greatest Show on Earth" at Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2017.

    Global Chamber POS has partnered with experience design company, the YoPro Guys, to design a Carnival experience worthy of an executive for Carnival 2017.

    While focused on the economic aspects of Carnival, with meetings and workshops before and after the festivities, Global Chamber members and directors will experience fetes (parties), food and mas, while assimilating the culture and identifying opportunities in the market for import, export and partnerships.

    The packages offered by Global Chamber POS can be found here. Contact for more information or visit

  • 23 Aug 2016

    It's not often that an organization opens their doors for the public to see the process between the marketing department and a service provider when developing a strategy, but on the

    Hosted by Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago's Executive Director, Dr. Ty Richardson, Animae Caribe's Founder, Camille Selvon-Abraham guided TTCSI's CEO, Radha Permanad and Marketing Director Dixie-Ann Dickson through the storyboard process for an animated video depicting the value the services industries have on the economy.

    Global Chamber invited Walt Disney animator Daniel Gonzales, whose resume includes character development for animated films such as Frozen, Wreck it Ralph and recently released Moana, to provide input and advice on the process based on his experience with Walt Disney.

    The event was the start of an ongoing process to be continued. If you would like would to invite an international speaker to your event, please contact us at

  • 24 Aug 2016

    Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago joins forces with YoPro Global and the Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago to host the second annual Mentoring Yopros (M.Y.) Conference on September 29th and 30th.

    Designed to "fill the gaps", this conference works with industry leaders to provide two days of workshops to young professionals on topics not taught in traditional schools. Workshops include titles such as "Dress for Success", "Building your Brand" and "The Art of Conversation".

    Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago's advisory board member and President of InvesTT, Racquel Moses will be presenting on "Building your Personal Brand"; while board member and CEO of TTCSI, Radha Permanand, will be presenting on Business Ethics 101. GCTT Executive Director and CEO of

    Companies enjoy 150% tax rebate on employee training and development, such as this event.

    To partner, sponsor or purchase tickets for your employees and/or supporting organizations, please contact us at or call 798-9547.

  • 10 Aug 2016

    As part of its support of the development of young professionals in Trinidad and Tobago, Global Chamber will sponsor YoPro's upcoming event experience, Dish & Design on August 25th 2016. YoPro intends to provide young professionals with a theme, after which they must then get into groups and work together to cook a dish, or design an outfit, and present these to a panel of judges. The winners will be featured in Fashion Focus' October edition, and TTCSI's November edition. Designed as a networking event, young professionals will be encouraged to form teams, work together, and prepare a winning dish and design, mentored by local entrepreneurs and professionals.More information and tickets can be foundhere. Last year, Kraft provided the secret ingredient of Kraft dressing, who knows what surprises this year will bring?

  • 14 Jul 2016

    Racquel Moses is the President of InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago. She has led the high performance organization to incredible award winning achievements.  Born and raised in Trinidad, she began her career in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since then, Racquel has held several executive-level positions at large multinational organizations - including Regional Director of JP Morgan Chase (Atlanta), Regional Vice President of Cable & Wireless (Jamaica), and Vice President of Fujitsu (Jamaica). Racquel was also the founder and Managing Director of iDaedle Consulting Limited her clients included large multinational firms as well as foreign franchises. Racquel is a graduate of Morris Brown College and Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Racquel also serves on the Board of Jamaica Education Television, the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) and the Standing Committee for the Strategic and Sustainable Development of Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago.  

    Racquel is also a marathoner having completed her fourth full marathon in November 2015.

    Check out Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago's Advisory Board members here.

  • 23 May 2016

    As one of the newest chambers to be launched, Global Chamber Tokyo's Executive Director, Nobuo Yonneyama will be graciously welcoming Trinidad and Tobago into the Global Chamber family on Tuesday 24th May at 8:00am EST and 9:00pm Japanese time. At this online event, Salim Baksh, a Trinidadian who is also the Managing Director for Auto Planet Japan, will be discussing investment opportunities his company in Japan is seeking in the Caribbean. Together, Mr. Yonneyama and Mr. Baksh will share business insights and opportunities for Caribbean businesses to trade with Japan. Participation is free, but requires registration on Global Chamber's website or via Facebook at A recording of this event will be available for members of Global Chamber after June 5th, 2016.

  • 15 Jun 2016

    Focused on ensuring we deliver value from day one, when Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago Executive Director, Dr. Ty Richardson met with TTCSI's CEO, Radha Permanad, neither thought they would he co-hosting an event 10 days later. What's more, is when Global Chamber POS reached out to the Global Chamber network to identify a speaker for the event, Global Chamber member, Founder and President of Arizona-based Q-Logistics jumped at the opportunity to fly to Trinidad and share his views on global trade logistics,  Decrease Indentas well as how his boutique logistics firm has evolved into a global player in the industry and is looking for partnerships in the Caribbean. Do you have an industry Global Chamber can support? If you're not a member, now is the time to join.

  • 24 May 2016

    Global Chamber Executive Directors, Dr. Ty Richardson (POS) and Joel Fernandez (MIA), both attended the Caribbean Investment Summit in Miami hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA), the Caribbean Export Development Agency and The European Union. The highlights of the Summit included several presentations on the work being done to raise the profile of the Caribbean region as an investment-ready location, particularly with programs such as ConnectAmericas. There was also the signing of an MOU by Carib-Export and CAMACOL, the Latin Chamber of Commerce with whom Global Chamber Caribbean will partner with to advance regional trade.