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Cherry-Ann Craigwell, Global Advisor

Global Chamber® Trinidad-Tobago

Building Capacity and Employing Creativity for Increased Profits Cherry-Ann Craigwell has a passion for business development. Her experience in Retail Banking, Finance and Strategic Management has allowed both knowledge and skill capacity, to create
sustainable business environments and foster opportunities of growth for many organizations and clients. Ms. Craigwell’s unique approach to success defines creativity and business dynamics in organizations to accomplish the bottom line, increased profits.
Education: Business Management (Hons) with the Anglia Ruskin University and presently pursing certification in Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA Dip.).
Personal:  Cherry-Ann's continued passion to adding value to the challenging lives of women has compelled her to assist in the creation of ‘With Women In Mind’ group which offers structured guidance and support to women entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of owning and managing a profitable business.